If there is something you purchase on a regular basis, consider placing a special order in bulk! This is a unique service that the co-op offers, providing owners and non-owners alike a discount. You can even bring your containers to the co-op for bulk orders and we will fill them for you. (Ask a Moonflower employee for more information.)

You can also order grocery items (drinks, dairy, frozen, bread, snacks, meat, etc.) by the case and supplements and personal care items.

Order minimum:

  • Grocery: At least one case
  • Bulk goods (grains, legumes, etc.): 5 pounds
  • Bulk herbs/teas/spices: 1 pound
  • Supplements/Personal care: 3+ units

Order deadline for products from UNFI (our main distributor):

  • 6am Thursdays for Friday truck deliveries
  • 6am Sundays for Monday truck deliveries

Owners receive a discount for all special orders (15% above cost). Non-owners receive a discount of 10% below retail price. Items in the Moonflower Basics program will not be further discounted, as they are priced the lowest we can offer.