Moonflower Co-op awarded our spring 2021 Seeds to Start Grant to the Resiliency Hub, Moabs grassroots sustainability nonprofit focusing on permaculture, gardening, upcycling, and community collaboration. This organization manages the Moab Community Gardens and the CommuniTea Garden, a community-accessible green space and permaculture-inspired pocket park on 100 West.

The Resiliency Hub recently sent us their grant report summarizing what they were able to accomplish with the grant funds over the last year. Their goal for using the funds was “to improve our CommuniTea Garden project, to boost the productivity of this public garden, increase the capacity of existing growing space, and provide education on perennial edible plants and rainwater catchment systems.” To do this, they purchased more native plants and herbs, plant propagation equipment, rainwater harvesting infrastructure, paint for their rainwater educational mural, and advertising for educational programs they hosted at the garden.

Read the whole grant report here to learn more about the new improvements, and be sure to check out the CommuniTea Garden at 100 West and Walnut Lane in downtown Moab!

Learn more about our bi-annual Seeds to Start grant program here. We are now accepting applications for our fall 2022 grant, due November 15th. Spread the word to organizations who might be interested in applying!