Success Through Communication

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To communicate or not… that is the question!

In other words, you are only as successful as your ability to communicate.

Attend an informal evening with one-on-one, interactive demonstrations and actual practice on the subject of communication, taught by Britta Kingsley.

Learn how to get your point across even in unfamiliar or friendly settings, and much more. You will walk away with increased confidence and the ability to improve any situation using communication alone. And it’s fun!

Join us in the Grand County Library Large Meeting Room on Tuesday, April 2nd at 5:30pm.

About Britta Kingsley

We live in a smaller community and communication may be even more important for us. We would like to enjoy healthy, enduring friendships. We like to welcome newcomers to our community. How do we accomplish this with live communication?

I was born in Denmark (a small European country of 5 million people, then) and had planned out my grammar school teacher education. However just a few months into it I got introduced to a new philosophy which got me very curious. I attended a class on communication – which ran over 3 weeks every weekday night. I learned a lot. I will be going over some of the things I learned on this very first of my many studies.

Since then I moved to England where I studied for 6 years and ended up with a University degree. I have traveled all over Europe, India, and Russia and used my skills as an instructor, educator, and counselor.

Since moving to USA in 2004 I have continued with advanced studies on this subject and love teaching it in a lively and practical setting. Join me.

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