Bee Garden Bike Tour, Part II: Water Harvesting

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In the second edition of the Bee Garden Bike Tour, we’ll be taking a look at the way landscapes affect communities and how you can shape your own yard to have a positive impact on biodiversity and our watershed while also creating abundant food and beauty.

Bike tour
1. Meet at Moonflower Market – introduction to permaculture design principles
2. Mill Creek – creeks and watershed health
3. Garden Tour @ Moab Charter School – explaination of design, appropriate plantings, and earthworks
3. Collaborative design activity at future garden site (different site than last tour)!

At each site we will discuss a variety of permaculture design principles and ecological landscaping practices used to create an ecologically-minded garden. Participants will learn techniques and see examples of water harvesting earthworks, perennial plant guilds, edible landscaping, regenerative soil management, and roof water catchment.

At the end of the bike tour we will engage in a design charette activity to apply what we have seen on the tour and begin to create a conceptual design for the space. Participants will gain experience in site assessment and design process that can applied to any landscape.

Bike tour is less than one mile and flat. All are welcome! Please remember your water bottle and sun hat.

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