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9 08, 2021

Local Vendor Profile: Curve Coffee Roasters


Meet Chris and David Wilson, the creators of the new local start up Curve Coffee Roasters. The brothers moved to Moab in March 2021, coming from (most recently) Washington, DC (Chris) and Los Angeles [...]

Local Vendor Profile: Curve Coffee Roasters2023-01-07T12:58:56-07:00
22 03, 2018

A Hawaiian-Grown Miracle Root: Sustainably Produced Turmeric at Moonflower Co-op


In a globalized food market, information about our food, including origin, labor practices, and agricultural methods, often eludes us. Member-owned cooperatives, like Moonflower Community Co-op, use selective guidelines when purchasing products. Our produce manager [...]

A Hawaiian-Grown Miracle Root: Sustainably Produced Turmeric at Moonflower Co-op2018-03-22T11:15:42-06:00
2 08, 2017

Saucy chicken


It's cooling down and the barbecue sounds like a nice evening activity again! We have all sorts of options for the grill, from veggies so fresh they'll caramelize to pre-marinated tempeh, to local and regionally-sourced [...]

Saucy chicken2017-08-02T11:55:35-06:00
2 08, 2017

Play, sweat, hydrate. Repeat!


Why is everything so awesome in Moab? It's not because you're deprived of oxygen, but the altitude is part of that little magic something.  Moab itself is at 4,000 feet, and The International Society for [...]

Play, sweat, hydrate. Repeat!2017-08-02T11:26:54-06:00
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