30 10, 2015

Bokashi Compost workshop


Presenting a Bokashi Workshop by dedicated fermenter from Bozeman, Montana, Kathleen Rauch, in collaboration with both Moonflower Coop and USU Moab in the Moonflower Coop Library. Bokashi is a revolutionary, earth-friendly modification of traditional composting that involves [...]

Bokashi Compost workshop 2015-10-16T13:18:35+00:00
10 10, 2015

Artist Sean-Paul Schulte


During the month of October take a peek into the mind of “wacked out” artist Sean-Paul Schulte, showing his art work in the Moonflower Community Cooperative.  His abstract water colors are presented as Celestial Landscapes, [...]

Artist Sean-Paul Schulte 2015-09-22T12:43:40+00:00