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The truth is that organic food costs more than conventional food.  The intention of Moonflower’s Lifeline Program is to provide affordable access to staple organic food items.

The program focus is on basic, organic non-processed food.  It includes items suitable for gluten-free and low salt diets, and for diabetics. Look for items throughout the store with yellow tags!


Items include:

  • Organic: Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise cereal, Bionaturae spaghetti, Field Day brown rice penne, FD black beans, FD olive oil, Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil, FD peanut butters, FD blue tortilla chips, FD fire roasted salsa, FD chicken broth, FD Marinara, FD Macaroni & Cheese, FD raisin bran cereal, FD vegetable broth, Cascadian Farm strawberry spread, FD baked beans,
  • Dairy: Castle Valley Creamery plain yogurt, Nancy’s plain whole yogurt, Farmer’s Hen House large organic free range eggs, Farmer’s free range eggs, Organic Valley whole grassmilk, O.V. 2% milk, O.V. half & half, O.V. whole milk, O.V. unsalted butter.
  • Bulk: Whole wheat flour, short grain brown rice, rolled oats, pinto beans.
  • Produce: Organic bananas, organic green leaf lettuce, organic yellow onions, organic oranges, organic russet potatoes.
  • Dairy alternatives:  Edensoy unsweetened soymilk, Pacific almond unsweetened milk, SO Delicious coconut milk.

SNAP Benefit Program

Moonflower is proud to accept the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) on all food items sold in the store.