Saucy chicken

Saucy chicken

It’s cooling down and the barbecue sounds like a nice evening activity again! We have all sorts of options for the grill, from veggies so fresh they’ll caramelize to pre-marinated tempeh, to local and regionally-sourced red meat, pork and poultry.

A good reason to cross the road

Why choose our organic chicken? The chicken in the fridge is called “Smart Chicken,” and this is why: they not only take really good care of their employees who take good care of the chickens, they also air chill the birds after slaughter instead of dunking them in cold water. The juice in these chickens is pure chicken! Which means it’s more nutritious, and more delicious. 

 Saucy, or dry?

We’ve got a bulk section with usual and unusual spices galore – if it’s in your recipe, we probably have it, and if not, let us know and we can probably get it. In a rush? Check out the barbecue sauce options with the condiments about halfway down the first grocery aisle. Also take a peak at our international offerings; this small rural town has big cosmopolitan taste.