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Our Departments

We offer a variety of local, regional, and sustainable products!

Learn more about our products and ingredients!

Produce & Grocery

Find a diverse selection of locally and regionally sourced produce and grocery items throughout the store. We accomodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, raw, paleo, and many other dietary choices. We offer a wide selection of beverages, snacks, and energy bars toward the front of the store near the registers. You can find basic grocery items in the isles in the middle of the store, while refrigerated dairy, meat, and bread products can be found adjacent to the produce section.

Datura Deli

The Datura Deli offers a wide variety of freshly baked pastries, cookies, cakes, scones, breads, and muffins. Hot breakfast is served daily starting at 8am, and hot lunch begins at noon. Prepared salads, sandwiches, spreads, and other grab and go items can be found in the deli cold case. Request sack lunches and catering by visiting the store and placing an order.

Bulk Items

Find all your bulk pantry needs plus a huge selection of bulk spices and teas in the aisle adjacent to refrigerated dairy and meat. Bulk snacks can be purchased pre-packaged in the refrigerated area in the Produce section at the front of the store.

View our full list of bulk items here.

Wellness & Personal Care

Personal care products are located near the deli at the back of the store. Personal care products at Moonflower are carefully chosen to provide members with safe personal care options including quality products not found elsewhere. More than 30 products on our shelves are bought directly from the producers, many of whom are based regionally or locally.

Home Goods & General Merchandise

Home goods products are located at the very front and very back of the store. Jewelry, gifts, books and stationary are up front. Kitchen essentials, camping gear and other unique products for your home can be found next to the supplements as you walk straight from the entrance to the back of the store. Find unique items for your home that have been sourced with quality, fair labor practices and sustainable use of materials in mind.