Play, sweat, hydrate. Repeat!

//Play, sweat, hydrate. Repeat!

Play, sweat, hydrate. Repeat!

Why is everything so awesome in Moab? It’s not because you’re deprived of oxygen, but the altitude is part of that little magic something. 

Moab itself is at 4,000 feet, and The International Society for Mountain Medicine defines high altitude as between 5,000 and 11,500 feet. You evaporate water through respiration twice as quickly at high altitude as at sea level, so in addition to heat, dry air, and all our awesome activities out in it, our place in space is making us thirsty out here. So we drink! More flushing requires more replenishing; it can make a huge difference to pack those performance nutritional supplements like electrolytes and potassium. 

Our supplements buyer, Shane, just added Endure Performance Electrolytes to the shelves from Trace Minerals in Roy, Utah. He’s a fan of the sugar free rehydration options, and Endure is formulated to “provide only what your body needs and nothing extra to weigh you down.” The ingredients are super simple.  Worth a try!