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Joining a food cooperative provides the foundation for a resilient, locally rooted economy centered on community involvement and democratic participation. We abide by the Seven International Cooperative Principles, including (1) Voluntary and Open Membership/Ownership, (2) Democratic Member/Owner Control, and (3) Member/Owner Economic Participation. Our member-owners sustain our co-op through democratic participation and control. Join the co-op today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission and Vision truly guide your shopping experience. Our goods emphasise healthy, locally grown, organic, and fairly traded selections. We’re also committed to strengthening the local economy by serving as a market place that uses fair buying and selling practices which support regional growers, vendors and artisans.

Yes, but we encourage people to become members.

Yes. Owners receive a quarterly 10% discount that is redeemable anytime; monthly sales for Owners only; reduced mark-up on special orders; and a purchase-based annual dividend (if store earnings are sufficient).

No, anyone can become an member.

The members, through their election of the board of directors and participation on committees.

It stabilizes the business that provides so much for the community.

$100, which can be paid up-front or in installments. Members can be an individual, a head of household, or a business. It’s easy to join online, or come into the store.

Payments can be made in 5 installments of $20 annually.

Stay current if you are on a payment plan, and shop at the co-op!

You can run for the board of directors, serve on committees, or volunteer for events.