Olive Oil and Vegetable noodles!

//Olive Oil and Vegetable noodles!

Olive Oil and Vegetable noodles!

Bonamini oil


For the fifth time, the award for the world’s finest light fruity DOP-label extra-virgin olive oil goes to an Italian firm, Frantoio Bonamini in Verona, for its “Veneto – Valpolicella DOP”.
On the “Best 20” international list, Frantoio Bonamini stood out with an oil made from the Favarol and Grignano olive varieties, cold pressed using a continuous cycle system. The oil boasts minimum acidity levels that always remain below 0.2%, and has an unmistakable golden yellow color with greenish tinges. The unique flavor is subtly fruity, sweet and delicate, making it a perfect condiment for light boiled and grilled fish dishes and poultry.
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