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Self-Care During the Holiday Season (by Antje Rath)

Holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, filled with cheer, joy, and nothing but Hallmark moments. The reality, however, often looks and feels quite different. People are stressed, lonely, overwhelmed, or anxious. It doesn’t help that it is colder and darker outside and that many people in Moab lose their source of income once the tourist season ends. For some families, holidays are particularly sad because they lost a loved one over the last years and the festivities make their loss even more apparent. Holiday traditions from past years bring back painful memories or have [...]

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Managing Inflammation Naturally

Emily Stock, an herbalist and founder of Sundial Medicinals, concluded her fall herbalism series at Moonflower with a class covering forms of inflammation in the body. Inflammation in the body presents differently depending on the source of inflammation. External inflammation from acute injuries to the skin, muscles, and tissues appears as redness, swelling, bruising, and pain. Preventing stagnation of the blood by using heat promotes healing, and topical herbs can alleviate the inflammation. Arnica montana, a plant in the Asteraceae family, can provide relief from bruising and swelling in the form of a topical salve. However, Arnica contains the toxic [...]

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Herbal Preparations: Crafting Medicine in Your Own Home

On Thursday, October 26th, Emily Stock continued her fall herbalism series with an interactive kitchen class covering herbal preparations, including drying, steeps, infusions, decoctions, and steams. Some of the information in this article was pulled from Emily’s class handout, which you can refer to here. Learning how to collect and dry herbs and wildcraft one’s own herbal medicine can offer a deeply satisfying, holistic experience. Try using light mesh bags to gather herbs, if available. Dry the herbs while trying to preserve their integrity, and place them in a cool, dry place. Remove gathered herbs from the drying rack as [...]

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The Importance of Energetics

On Thursday, October 19th, Emily Stock (founder and owner of Sundial Medicinals) initiated her Fall Herbalism Series at Moonflower with an inspiring class on the philosophy and practice of energetics. Emily’s aimed to describe energetics in a way that conveyed its practicality and tangible applications in our lives, and she certainly succeeded. Emily described energetics as a way of seeing patterns of nature within bodies, herbs, and foods. Theories of energetics emerged in many different human societies. She referenced the Five Element Theory within Chinese medicine, which relates five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) to cycles in nature, including [...]

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The Art of Wildcrafted Essential Oils

On Friday, October 14th, Moonflower hosted Eric Scott Bresselsmith. Eric owns House of Aromatics, an essential oils distillery based in Boulder, Utah. He taught an engaging class on his personal journey toward using and ultimately distilling his own wildcrafted essential oils. Eric’s class was well attended and began with a silent meditation accompanied by a spritz of hydrosol (a product of the essential oil distillation process) around each participant. Eric wanted everyone to feel grounded and present in the space. He then explained his journey toward becoming an essential oils distiller. Eric’s initial hesitancy to utilize essential oils changed when [...]

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Our bodies are beautiful gifts; say “thank you” (by Sarah Cook)

In my massage and health coaching practice, a common theme that rears its ugly head is the distorted image we have of our bodies.  On a daily basis, almost out of habit, we speak to ourselves in ways that we would never speak to another.  Imagine talking to a child the way you talk to yourself about your body.  It would devastate and crush the little one!  It affects us the same.  Negative thoughts and emotions affect us on the cellular level. This causes stress and emotional pain in our bodies which can make improving our health even more difficult. [...]

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