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Summary of Owner Benefits

  • Membership=Ownership
  • Every dollar spent is a vote for a stronger local economy
  • Help Moonflower remain a stable part of the community
  • Vote in elections and on proposals
  • Opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and advisory committees
  • Write checks up to $40 over purchase amount
  • Quarterly Owner Appreciation Days, including 10% off purchase
  • Access to monthly sales on a variety of products for Owners only
  • Reduced mark up on special orders
  • Patronage dividends, if annual profits are sufficient

Cost of Membership

  • $100 per share
  • Share purchase can be paid in annual $20 installments
  • One vote earned per membership
  • One membership may be shared by a household

To join, download, print and fill our Owner Application Form below to turn in at the store, or come by anytime and we will hand you a copy. 

Download and Bring Into Store

Owner Member Application 2015-revised10-15

Owner Member Application 2015-revised10-15

Please allow 2-3 days for processing.

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