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Moonflower Community Cooperative (MCC) Executive Expectations/Limitations  |  March 2017

MISSION The Moonflower Community Cooperative provides socially responsible foods, goods and education to promote a healthy, sustainable community.

VISION Cultivating holistic community wellness, The Moonflower Community Cooperative serves as a hub for the exchange of ideas and inspires prosperity through a culture of inclusion and collaboration that nurtures a healthy mind, body and spirit in harmony with nature.

  • LOCAL HEALTHY FOOD: MCC provides the community access to natural food products with an emphasis on healthy, locally grown, organic, and fairly traded goods.
  • LOCAL ECONOMY: MCC strengthens the local economy by serving as a market place that uses fair buying and selling practices which support regional growers, vendors and artisans.
  • COMMUNITY CENTER/ SOCIAL INCLUSIVENESS: MCC is the hub of a vibrant and inclusive community.
  • EDUCATION/ HEALTH: MCC provides the opportunity for increased knowledge about health, nutrition, lifestyle, and the broader impact of consumer choices.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS: MCC respects the environment through our actions, and encourages business and lifestyle practices that support a healthy environment.
  • MCC CLIMATE AND CULTURE: Moonflower Community Cooperative is committed not only to the vision, mission and ends as stated above but also to fostering a strong employee, owner, and customer culture. This means that we expect the BOD, along with the GM and staff, to embody values of trust, openness, supportiveness, and participation, while committing to the highest level of performance.

GLOBAL EXPECTATIONS The General Manager shall engage in practices, activities, decisions and organizational processes that are lawful, prudent and in alignment with the Seven Cooperative Principles.

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